Green Policy
Green Policy

The Residence Vocelova takes its commitment to minimise the impact it has on the environment very seriously. In 2017 we invited a top Prague energy consultancy firm to carry out a government backed audit called Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) on our Residence to suggest ways we could run in a more energy efficient way. Our aim is to reduce our energy use by 7% every year for the foreseeable future.

Insulation icon Insulation

All the windows are double-glazed and the entire building is thermal tested every year to monitor energy losses.

Gas icon Gas

We use gas for heating and hot water, which is monitored by our building management system.

Electricity icon Electricity

We keep lighting in all public areas to a minimum overnight except emergency lighting. We have replaced all guest bedroom, living room and corridor lamps with LED energy saving bulbs, which has reduced energy output from 40 W to 4 W.

Water icon Water

To reduce the amount of water used, we have installed slow flow shower heads, pressure reducing systems, smaller cistern capacities, flush volume measurement and sensors for urinals. Our water quality is regularly checked to make sure it conforms to the latest EU legislation.

Building Maintenance icon Building Maintenance

We carry out regular maintenance checks on our building.

Waste Disposal icon Waste Disposal

All waste must be disposed of in accordance with the relevant legislation:
The Environmental Protection Act 1990
The Controlled Waste Regulations 1991
The Special Waste Regulations 1996 (as amended)

Recycling icon Recycling

We recycle paper, plastic, glass and food. The Residence Vocelova supports a charity called CleanConscience, which recycles toiletries and gifts them to charities in the Czech Republic and aid organisations abroad.

Pollution Control icon Pollution Control

Air: Vehicles are not permitted to leave their engines running while delivering to the premises. Drainage: An automated dispensing system is used to clear all pipes of grease every morning at 3.00 AM.

Green Turism icon Green Turism

The Residence Vocelova is a member of Green Tourism and has achieved a Silver award. Green tourism Prague attractions: The Prague Zoo in Troja, Prague Botanical Garden in Troja, Czech National Library of Technology in Dejvice.